Grace calls us to own weakness to find true strength

— Paul David Tripp

Pamela Perry - Yoga Instruction and Therapy ImageWith each new student or group, I conduct a health assessment in order to tailor-make an individualized protocol or program. A constant in my teaching, however, is the intention to bring ease and fun to the practice, and utilize these three “limbs” of yoga:

“Breathwork” – for breath expansion and control in order to tone and regulate the nervous system, improve breathing efficiency, and empower the individual to manage stress.

Mindful movement – to improve mobility, flexibility and balance while gaining greater awareness and conscious control of the body

Meditation – to improve logic functioning, reduce stress, reduce anxiety and/or depression, and improve immune function.

Research shows that each one of these practices can have powerful healing effects, and when put together, the benefits increase exponentially.

Private and Group Classes

I am available for private or small-group (3-5 people), limited-series classes of 3-8 sessions. More long-term arrangements are negotiable. Please Contact me to discuss my sliding-scale fee.

I welcome students of all levels of experience and body types. I specialize in wellness for the following people, but welcome everyone: people with Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or other movement disorder; diabetes; chronic pain; autoimmune disease; anxiety/depression; and 50+ year olds.

Therapeutic Yoga at La Peña in Berkeley!

3105 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA
Every Tuesday, 10:30-11:45am

Come join us!  This is a donation-based class.  All proceeds support La Peña! Beginners welcome!

Clases Terapéuticas en Español

¡Hablo español! Ofrezco clases terapéuticas en grupo o privadas, enseñadas en español. Contácteme para discutir mi horario y la tarifa. No niego a nadie por razones monetarios.